An organ as the beating heart of a community.

Discover why this project makes so many people give their best!

The Contius Organ

Not just any organ, but embedded in a pyramid of functions.
  • Liturgy
  • Training
  • Organ concerts
  • International Church of Peace-Intercultural Dimension
  • International Contius-Bach festival


This is the layer of St. Michael's Church as a community, parish, deeply embedded, rooted in Leuven's community life.
The Contius organ is actively involved in the liturgy to the extent possible, and supports it as much as possible.
This gives the instrument a place in this community.


In this layer the Contius organ is fitted into all kinds of education, musical training, ...
Locally in Leuven, LUCA-Lemmens, Conservatory, but just as well beyond, and just as well outside the national borders.

Organ Concerts

Embedding in the cultural (organ) activities that Leuven organizes by the various players (30CC, Leuven Orgelstad, LUCA-Lemmens, Festival of Flanders, ...).

International Peace Church

This is a particularly important layer.
Starting from the project “St. Michael's Church-Peace Church”, and joining an international network of Peace Churches (which started in the Nicolaikirche in Leipzig), the Contius organ can be a facilitator in organizing all kinds of events, cultural, academic, intercultural , interdisciplinary, serving to support the important (and modern!) message of this international movement.

International Contius-Bachfestival

Not at the top as the most important, but to show that only by anchoring it can it be possible to organize an International Bach Festival, in addition to, but certainly also with the intention of being able to measure itself against the very best international festivals (Bach or Early Music ) worldwide.